Odds96 VIP Club for Indian Players

VIP club is a rewards program that caters to big spenders in sportsbooks. This may have a lot of benefits to the VIP members. Some benefits include cashback, bonuses, and special offers. In most bookmakers, you need to bet a certain amount of money before you are eligible for VIP club membership.

But at Odds96 Online you can become a VIP club member as soon as you register and verify your account.

Odds96 VIP Club: make bets and raise your rank to receive special bonuses

Ranks in Odds96 VIP Club – Become a Legend

Odds96 VIP Club is a rewards program that consists of 20 different ranks. Each rank depends on the money you use to place bets on sports, play casino, and live casino. It ensures the player earns a bonus and cashback. The higher the rank, the higher the rewards and bonus. The Odds96 VIP club is free to join, with any person registering on the site automatically joining the ranks of the rewards program. Here is a list of ranks in the Odds96 VIP club with the amount of wager you need to enter each rank and the associated benefits.

Ranks in Odds96 VIP club: from Novice to Legend
Rank NumberRank NameTotal Wager, INRRank Bonus, INRCashback, %
6Insider I₹150,000₹1003
7Insider II₹400,000₹5003.5
8Maestro I₹800,000₹10004
9Maestro II₹2,000,000₹20005
10Expert I₹5,000,000₹35006
11Expert II₹20,000,000₹50007
12Visionary I₹50,000,000₹10,0008
13Visionary II₹120,000,000₹20,0009
14High Roller I₹200,000,000₹35,00010
15High Roller II₹330,000,000₹50,00012
16Gold Digger₹500,000,000₹100,00014
17Lucky Star₹900,000,000₹200,00016

Weekly Cashback for VIP Club Members

Weekly cashback VIP program is a program that allows the Odds96 customer to receive part of their losses in a particular week. The total cashback a player can receive depends on the rank the player has achieved, as shown in the table above.

Odds 96 Weekly Cashback - special program to receive a part of your losses back

How Weekly Cashback works

Every week, a player can make bets on various games. At the end of the week, the player receives cash back depending on the ranks they held that week. For example, if a new player spends INR 50,000 a week, they would be eligible for cashback in the challenger rank and all the lower ranks they crossed during the week.

How Odds96 weekly cashback works

Rules of Odds96 Weekly Cashback

All players at Odds96 are members of the Odds 96 VIP club, which makes them eligible for all the benefits of the club, including cashback. The cashback on the Odds 96 VIP club allows you to get a share of your losses if you lost more real cash at the sportsbook in a particular week than you won.

Winning at Odds96 may include the winning from the bonus amounts used on betting. Any bets that have not been settled cannot be included in the cashback. The weekly cashback is calculated at the end of the week every Friday before the counter starts afresh. Once you get the weekly cashback, you have 6 days to claim the cashback for either the sports bonus account or the casino bonus account before it expires.

The rules also apply to Aviator real money game.

Rules of Odds96 Weekly Cashback for betting

Terms and Conditions of Odds96 VIP Club Bonuses for Indian Players

The VIP bonuses at Odds96 are quite liberal and can increase your winning. However, the bookmaker is wary that some people may try to abuse the program; hence one can only benefit from the program if one follows the rules. While the ranking shows the amount of money you need to wager for each rank, there is a correction factor. The casino section has a correction factor of 0.25, implying one has every $100 on $25 counts towards the rank.

The regular rules of playing at Odds96 apply to the entire account. If an account is found to have violated any terms, the winning and cash can be confiscated. Only use one account to avoid getting into trouble.

Terms and Conditions of Odds96 VIP Club bonuses


How can I join Odds96 VIP Club?

Everyone who opens an account at Odds96 is immediately enrolled in the VIP club and is given the rank of a novice. The more wagers they make, the higher the rank.

Can I lose my current rank?

You cannot lose your rank both at website and Odds96 app.

What is the minimum deposit to join a VIP club?

There is no minimum deposit to join the VIP club as the club ranking does not depend on deposits but wagers; additionally, all the punters with accounts automatically join the VIP club.

Is Odds96 Vip club free?

Yes, it is absolutely free. You just need to create an account on our website.