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Gambling is a great way to occupy yourself in your free time, it is a wonderful opportunity to enjoy your favorite casino games, such as betting on roulette or playing an Aviator game online, or to relax and watch your favorite cricket team match, betting on the outcome of the event or predicting the number of goals scored per game in football. In addition, gambling entertainment can bring you good winnings, but for this each player must be fully accountable for their actions and understand all the risks. Odds96 cares about your safety and has therefore prepared a guide to help you.

Odds96 Responsible Gaming

The risks associated with gambling and Basic Rules of Responsible Gaming

Sometimes it happens that gamblers become immersed in the game, and this can lead to not the best consequences. After all, gambling can be not only fun and bring you joy from the time spent, but also represent a danger to you and your money. For some players, gambling entertainment can turn from a pleasant pastime into an addiction. Then players can’t control their actions, they become addicted to the game and want to spend more and more time playing it. They can’t refuse to play, and moreover, may resort to borrowing funds from friends and family to get even when they lose. Odds96 India makes every possible effort to ensure that clients play responsibly and offers various solutions to the addiction problem.

Risks associated with gambling

If you realize that you have fallen under the influence of gambling, you can, for example, use the self-exclusion feature. At your request, an email will be sent to you with options on how long your account will be blocked: 1 week, 1 month, 6 months, 1 year or 2 years. You’ll need to confirm your decision, and then you’ll have 24 hours to withdraw your remaining funds. With this feature, you can protect yourself from rash decisions and save your money.

You can also do the same on our Odds96 apk.

Self-exclusion feature at Odds96

A few questions to recognize the problem

Most players play responsibly and treat gambling as entertainment. But there is also a small percentage of users who take gambling entertainment as a means of making money and subsequently become addicted to it. They want to win even more, which may cause them to lose all their money. In order to identify an addiction problem, you can answer a few questions:

Questions to recognize the gambling addiction

If most of your questions were answered positively, you should contact specialized organizations that can help you. Below you will find information about them.

Special Services for Help for Indian players

For players who have made the wrong decision and gambling has become a priority in their lives. If they can’t give it up and are addicted. They can always turn to special accredited organizations:

Here you will get qualified help and advice on all questions. We look forward to your cooperation and to playing honestly and responsibly!

Special Services for help: Gambling Therapy, Gamblock, GambleAware