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Odds96 website’s Privacy Policy is the determining factor in processing your data, which you can share with the company when using the site’s services. You can not worry about the safety of your private data and its leakage, as the site has a high degree of encryption, in addition, the company securely stores user data and does not transfer it to outside parties. This data may only be disclosed in keeping with the terms and principles of this Privacy Policy. When you sign up on the site to, for example, bet on Cricket or play Odds96 Aviator, you automatically acknowledge use of this Privacy Policy. If you do not comply with its usage, please do not interact with our Website.

Odds96 Privacy Policy

What personal information do we collect?

When you interact with Odds96 betting website, we collect and store some information about you for further convenient cooperation with you. So what kind of data do we gather about you? Let’s understand:

  • When you fill out the registration form, you are asked to fill in blank fields according to your full name, e-mail address, date of birth, country of citizenship, residence address, identification number, government-issued identification;
  • The Data you supply to us, for as long as you use the services of Odds96 app or site, which you send to us through our Site or by e-mail;
  • Details about your location and other transmitted data (including IP address, device information and type of browser used) that we gather when you use the Odds96 resource;
  • Records about the content or pages you view and any links or buttons you click on on our Site;
  • The history of your bets, promo codes, deposits, withdrawals, payment methods and other activities related to your gaming account.
Personal information that Odds96 collects

Purposes of your data collection

Odds96 only gathers your confidential info legally and for defined purposes:

  • To identify you as a customer of the Odds96 recourse, to verify your identity and the permissible age of use of the Site’s service, moreover to carry out our legal requirements;
  • To service your Account;
  • To be able to respond to your questions, comments or requests;
  • To verify your identity in accordance with our “know your customer” (KYC) policy;
  • To send you various promotional offers so you don’t miss out on your advantages and possibilities;
  • To enhance the caliber of our services;
  • Conduct a series of marketing and promoting studies to enhance the services we offer, which will fully meet your needs;
  • To protect ourselves in case of violation of the Terms of Service and possible involvement of the client in forbidden or suspicious activities. This will enable you to provide data to a court, if necessary, and enable you to respond to legal or regulatory inquiries during investigations into illegal activities.

You should be aware that if you create an account, accept the Privacy Policy, and consent to giving the website access to private data, it may be used for the aforementioned objectives.

How we protect your Personal Information

For maximum protection of users data, our site uses 128-bit encryption. This ensures that any information is carefully protected from leakage and stored on our secure server. You can use the auto-complete function, because our site does not transfer this data as well as your cookies to third-party sites. You can also additionally protect your account by confirming your login.

Odds96 protects your personal information

Odds96 Cookies

These are small text files that are sent to your browser when you use the site. Cookies are stored in your browser directory, which is located on your system drive. These files allow a site to recognize your device, assist your browser in storing details about previous visits and present pages already with your stored data and requests, even after a long period of time, and find offers for you based on your preferences. There are a number of reasons why the use of cookies on a site is necessary:

  • It allows users to log into their Odds96 account without having to constantly enter their login info;
  • Because of this, users can use various system settings;
  • It is possible to track details about the transactions posted on the Website;
  • To avoid fraud.

We typically use our cookies to improve the user experience. A few of the cookies we use are essential to the website’s functionality.

If you have any questions about Odds96 Privacy Policy, please contact us.

Odds96 Cookies as a part of Privacy Policy