General Betting Rules of Odds96 Company

Are you an active sports betting hunter from India? Then the information on this page will be to your liking. Become part of the large gaming community of the famous bookmaker Odds96, which is licensed and completely legal in India (Curacao license #1668/JAZ), and get access to all the markets presented on this resource. You will be offered the best odds for betting on various sports, including Cricket, Kabaddi, eSports. Here you will find information on betting rules and different situations you may have in the process. It is important to learn the rules before you start betting so that you can do it competently and enjoy the process together with the Odds96 platform without the slightest obstacle.

Odds96 General Betting Rules - What should you know about betting on our site

Main Betting Rules for Indian Players

If you decide to place a bet on the Odds96 website, you should familiarize yourself with some betting rules. First of all, it is important to know that a bet goes into effect when you click “Place Bet” and confirm it. But there are various circumstances that can cause your bet to be canceled already after confirmation:

Main betting rules of Odds96 - all you need to know
  • Odds96 may suspend any market at any time, and any bets placed on a suspended market will be void.
  • We may also suspend all odds on any market, before, during, or after a match, if there is a technical error, such as a data transmission problem, or if there is evidence of fraud.
  • Added time is not included in match markets unless it is specifically stated otherwise.
  • Bets on multiple outcomes will not be accepted if the outcome of one bet depends on the outcome of the other.
  • If the venue of a match is changed, the opponent is replaced, or if the match does not conform to generally accepted norms, your bets may be void, unless otherwise stated in the terms and conditions of the particular bet.

Besides all the aforementioned, you should know that all the information on the forthcoming matches, statistics during the matches are given to you for information purposes only. This is not a guide to action and the company is not responsible for your betting decisions.

Cash Out Rules

Thanks to the Cash Out feature, you have the opportunity to adjust your bets both before and during the match. Using this function, you can minimize your losses or get a guaranteed profit, which can be lower or higher than the original bet size. This convenient feature is available to you if it is displayed in the bet. In order to take advantage of this benefit, you need to click on Cash Out, and if successful, the bet amount will be credited to your account. Cash Out may not be available for certain reasons:

  • If there are changes during the match that may affect the outcome of the match.
  • If the odds have been changed during the match and the Cash Out price has also changed.
  • If the betting market has been suspended.
  • If the requested withdrawal amount is less than the set withdrawal odds.
  • If technical errors occurred.

In addition, for bonus funds and bets on them the Cash Out function does not apply.

Cash Out Rules at Odds96 - adjust bets before or during the match

Bonus Bets Rules

Odds96 tries to please its customers and keep their interest with various bonus offers, be it a welcome bonus for newbies or other attractive Odds96 promos for regular customers. Different bets will be open to you on different markets with your bonus funds. But bonus bets have rules, too. Let’s find out! Firstly, it’s important to know that you can’t bet on the Odds96 platform by mixing your real funds and your bonus funds. There are different betting rules for each kind of funds. So if you made a bet using bonus funds and the bet turned out to be a winning one, only the profit from that bet will be credited to your account. The bonus funds themselves will not be returned to your account. Bonus funds can be returned to your account only if the match was interrupted

Bonus Bets Rules at Odds96: terms and conditions for rewards

Cricket Settlement and Cancellation rules

Cricket is the most popular and demanded game in India. Odds96 offers its customers bets on various sporting events in this sport. All bets on this sport are calculated in accordance with the official rules of competitions and championships. Your bets may be canceled if there was no official result in a particular match. Also, unless otherwise stated in the rules of the competition, all Odds96 cricket markets do not count supersets. In addition, none of the markets presented do not take into account the penalty of 5 rounds.

Rules for Cricket betting at Odds96 - bets calculations, match cancellation

Beginners may be wondering how bets on Twenty20 and ODI matches are calculated. The bottom line is that 90% of the overs allotted to an inning must be played by the time the bet is placed, unless the inning ends naturally. In some cases, markets for bets may be considered invalid. Let’s take a look at them:

  • If a match was canceled before it started and not replayed within 48 hours of the announcement.
  • If a draw has happened according to the official rules, the winner has not been determined.
  • If the over has not been completed, the innings has not reached its conclusion, then all undetermined markets on it will be considered invalid.
Odds96 bets on T20 and ODI calculation

Abandonments, cancellations & Postponements Prematch

In various sporting events, there may be various situations in which a match may be postponed or canceled altogether. What then will happen to your bets? Let’s understand this in more detail. For example, each match is scheduled for a specific date and time. And if a match is postponed, but played within 48 hours of the scheduled time, all your bets remain valid and will be calculated based on the outcome of the match. But if the match is not played within those 48 hours, all bets on it will be canceled. Also an important note is that if a match is rescheduled in advance, then that match will not be considered postponed.

It can also be the situation that the live broadcast will be suspended for some reason. If the match continues, then all bets and markets remain valid.

Below in the table for you are given betting options and a description of the rules for their possible cancellation.

Odds96 Abandonments, cancellations & Postponements Prematch
Push RuleIf the match ended in a draw, then the market to determine the winner will be considered invalid.
TotalIf you made a bet on the market more / less, where there was a certain number as a line on this market. And at the end of the match the result will be this line, the bet will be canceled.
HandicapIf you made a bet on the home/away market and specified the exact number for the line for that market, and at the end of the match the result was that number, the bet will be void.
Race to XWith this bet, you are trying to predict which team will score a certain number of points first. If the match ends before that happens, the bet will be void.
Half/Quarter/Period MarketsYou can also bet not on a particular match, but on an entire period, quarter or half-year. When making such bets, goals/points/cornerstones and others that were scored in this period will be taken into account at the end of this period and the calculation of markets.
Odd/Even MarketsIf you bet on whether the number of points scored by a particular team is even or odd, and the match ended with a zero score, then that score will be calculated as even.
ResultsIn cases where the results of the match can not be officially confirmed, when the market was offered after the results were announced or the market was incorrectly calculated, when betting on the result of the match, bets may be canceled.
Head to HeadYour bets for head-to-head encounters will be void if at least one of the contestants does not finish the event, if contestants are disqualified, if one or more contestants do not start, and if two contestants end up with the same number of points and there is no market calculation for a tie.
Outright MarketsIn the event of a cancellation of an event or a change of venue, your bets may be void. Also, if the event organizer includes rounds, matches or series of matches after the regular season has been completed, the outcomes of these events will be taken into account when calculating tickets relating to the final league classification, promotion, relegation, etc.
Dead Heat RuleIn case of a draw between two participants, you win half of your bet. If there are more participants with the same number of points, then your winnings will be calculated according to the amount of winnings divided by the number of participants.
Player Markets PMOSBets on the markets are canceled if they were made before the match was changed, if the match was interrupted and not restored within 5 hours, if the player on whom the bet was made, does not take part in the match.


The main types of bets that will be available to you on Odds96:

  • Single Bet is a bet on a single outcome, which is multiplied by the odds assigned to the selected outcome.
  • Parlay Bet is a bet on several outcomes of a match, which do not affect each other. The bet wins, if all the chosen outcomes win.
  • PRE-MATCH bets are bets made before the match.
  • LIVE bets are bets made during the match.
Odds96 sports markets for betting: single and parlay bet, live and prematch bets

Odds96 also offers you outrights, which are direct bets on leagues, players, competitions, rankings and so on. The following outrights will be available to you:

  • Championships;
  • Short Term;
  • Top X;
  • Head to Head.

All bets on the outcome take into account extra time in playoff matches. Those goals that were scored in a penalty shootout are not counted in the bets.

Outrights at Odds96: Championships; Short Term; Top X; Head to Head.

Main Betting Markets

The main and most demanded markets include the following:

  • 1Х2. Betting on the result of the match (win / draw / win).
  • Handicap. A bet on the outcome of the game in a match of a particular participant.
  • Total. A bet on the number of points scored by a particular team.
  • European Handicap 1X2. This is a bet on the main outcome with the addition of the exact score.
  • “0” Handicap (Draw No Bet). A bet on a victory of one of the teams. In case of a draw the bet is annulled.
  • Half-Time/Full-Time. This bet is calculated from the results of the first match and the match as a whole.
  • Double Chance. You make two bets on the outcome, and if one of the two winning outcomes wins, the bet is considered a winning one.
  • Correct Score. A bet in which you have to guess the exact score of the match, the number of points scored by both teams.
  • Even/Odd. A bet on an even/odd number of scored points, goals, etc.
  • Race to X Points. A bet to guess which team will be the first to score a certain number of points.

Follow the results of matches with Odds96 apk, study statistics and bet on one of the best portals for online betting.